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Waste Collection

Please note this year there are 2 types of bags:
1. CLEAR - for bottles, cans and plastics and for paper and cardboard
2. BLACK or GREEN (heavy duty) - for all other garbage.



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Recycling and Waste Management
The NPWS Municipal Services Unit needs further assistance with recycling and waste management in the Perisher Range Resorts. There is currently too much rubbish being put in the paper/cardboard bin (blue bin) and the co-mingled recycling bin (yellow bin). The yellow recycling bin is used for steel and aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles.

When recycling paper and cardboard, please:

*         flatten boxes before putting in bin;
*         remove plastic and other attachments before recycling paper and cardboard;
*         put shredded paper in bags; and
*         exclude waxed coated boxes like fruit boxes and milk and juice cartons - these are not recyclable in the current system.

Recycling bags and recycling posters/flyers are available at the NPWS Perisher Office. If you are in any doubt as to what is recyclable or have questions pertaining to the waste management system, please call Steve Hanson on 6457 4413.

Food Deliveries To Lodge Winter 2009

Cooma South Woollies (tel 6452 3806)

They are taking pre-orders for groceries and delivery directly to the lodge again this year – If members want to use this facility fax orders through to the attention of Sue Bailey  fax – 64521586

Kunapipi Ski Club

Perisher Valley

Kunapipi Ski Club Lodge provides self-catered family accommodation in the quiet area of South Perisher away from the main valley.

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