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Please note this year there are 2 types of bags:
1. CLEAR - for bottles, cans and plastics and for paper and cardboard
2. BLACK or GREEN (heavy duty) - for all other garbage.



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There has been a change in the handling of FOOD deliveries into Perisher.
Particularly perishable items such as meat, milk etc.

For many many years the goods have come up to the freight shed (where
Hans Oversnow operate), and then delivered to the Lodges by Hans. Some of the managed Lodges have picked up their own supplies from the freight shed.

So now we have health inspectors with NPWS to keep things clean in the valley, and they have doubtless triggered the point that the freight shed is part of the food chain in supplies to lodges.

We differ with the NPWS interpretation, but there was no time to negotiate with the Department of Health. From the NPWS point of view they were caught in the middle.

So? there are now new rules that goods arriving at the freight shed have to be checked for temperature, and goods over a temperature limit have to be rejected. This means logging in of all goods, time received and condition, and a quick turn around in delivering. The increase in overheads is high.

So IGA--- Perisher Deli who have supplied lodges for 30 or more years have decided to stop all deliveries of perishables immediately. I know some Lodges use other suppliers, but similar reactions may well occur.

The thought of humping all foods etc from Sydney curdles the blood.

In May SLOPES were contacted by a new group in Berridale, Janet Mackay, who is determined to make a go of supplying goods, and we have talked to her today and they will persevere with the transport problems, and are confident they can arrange delivery to the Lodges. They have a modern website for orders, or faxes, and seem to be able to handle all the goods we want.

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