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Please note this year there are 2 types of bags:
1. CLEAR - for bottles, cans and plastics and for paper and cardboard
2. BLACK or GREEN (heavy duty) - for all other garbage.



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September Discounts 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Perisher Blue have announced Bonus September discounts for people booking with accommodation from September.
They normally offer this to people booking through agencies.

The Ski Lodge representative body (SLOPES) have negotiated that this is available to all Clubs, and the rules have been really simplified compared to previous years.

The big thing is you can book even a day beforehand.

Bookings need to be made through the Perisher Blue Snow Holidays (ph 02 64 514 870 or 64 514 877) and the member has to identify themselves as lodge member and request the SLOPES offer. Booking can be made over the counterafter you have arrived in the snow ( but we suggest the day beforehand at least), and give your name and Club. Attached are the prices, and as well as the discounts (which look like 15% on quick checking), there is also an additional 5% which is passed on to your Club after season end.
You pick up the tickets on arrival quoting the pass number that you get when you pay when you make the booking.

So if you or your guests are staying in mid/late September at a Club Lodge, the overall 20% discount is 15% to you immediate and 5% to your Club by Xmas. 

SLOPES will have to handle the cash and paperwork on ?the 5% discount after year end and pass it on to our Club which gives them more work for no joy, so we are very grateful for their help.

As a matter of good faith and in order to keep this good relationship, please do not just turn up at the ticket window and start asking for a discount. Please use the prior phone booking or SLOPES have advised that they will all lose the system rights.

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